Unifye Summer 2022 Collection

 We are extremely stoked to announce our new summer 2022 Unifye collection. This collection may seem simple but the message is extremely powerful and relevant. Unity is one of the biggest world issues we are facing as a society right now! With Nations rising up against Nations, war and famine, it has never been more paramount to embrace and promote Unification. The word Unifye is a verb which means coming together, and together we can do so much more...


So, We are heating up the summer with some styles that are sure to bring the world closer together through our creative expressions, Our signature 'Hoochie Daddy' mesh shorts are all the rage right now on social media and on the news. This style has been featured on fox 29 Philadelphia and other news channels. We have the style just right with our elegant Unifye logo on the pant-leg in a crisp white. We also have 9 assortments of colors for the short shorts. 


Second we have our gorgeous luxury feel T-shirts that are sure to keep the world Unified. They are a slim fit which sits on the skin just perfect and is so comfortable that you will never want to take it off. These Tees are available in a soothing pink, white, cream, black and grey. 


Third we have our out of this world cream and black vegan sneakers. This is our own custom shoe and it is made of vegan synthetic leather, Extremely similar silhouette to an air force 1 but in a cream color without any nike logo. Also these shoes are armed with twisted rope laces that make the sneaker look even more high fashion. Be the first out of your friends to get them on our website!



Finally we have our Luxury Designer-Feel sweatshirts for those cold summer nights. Our Cream hoodie looks stunningly clean with the simplicity of our Unifye black logo vinyl print. Also available in a slick black, white, and a forest green.


We are extremely proud of our first collection as it sets the tone for the simplicity and elegance we are going for while promoting this powerful conscious message. Sometimes the most basic sayings and words hit the hardest. We hope to leave the world a more Unified place in the days to come! Check out our fire summer collection in the link below. 





-Founder- CEO - Sean Loughran




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