Save money by shopping conciously in a recession

Concious Shopping Is The New Normal🥵

Concious shopping goes hand in hand with recession as people get more and more tight on money. It has never been more important to know both the store and the people you are buying from to make a smart decision to support or not. Not only are you spending your hard-earned money on a product or service but you are also putting money into somebody else's pocket.

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This begs the question, whom or what am i supporting in this purchase and which good-cause am i contributing to by supporting. There are many stores that contribute to sustainability or even charity. So, we need to compare and contrast both the positives and negatives of supporting one store, when there are thousands of others that do much more for their customers and for the world.

Shoppers' Experience is Growing

People around the world have made thousands of dollars creating drop-shipping stores that sell products with one goal: TO MAKE MONEY! but what if shoppers have gotten more and more wise with their purchasing decisions and are looking for a store that more focuses on both their customer experience and the longevity of their brand or service. Now what if the brand takes it a step further and gives a customer experience  that allows both the customer to receive great products and contribute to the greater good of humanity, this is a great value proposition.


What i am trying to say is that shoppers have seen it all in the last 20 years and are now becoming wiser and more experienced in their purchasing. What can you do as a store owner to adapt to these changes? Check the bullets below.


Create Value Thats Built Into Your Brand Or Store From The Beginning

  • Create a brand that gives value from your name or simple design
  • Could be something that has to do with (black owned businesses) or  or (Suicide prevention)
  • These niches have BUIILT-IN long lasting value that many people already see valuable enough to support.
  • Even though these brands might not be sustainable or giving to charity they display built in value from the name or the category/brand that they are identifying to
  • This is a very effective value propositions that can help your brand sell products in a tough market
  • We have a clothing brand called UNIFYE that offers sustainable Vegan sneakers and clothes that promote Unity and conciousness!
  • See our store 
    for examples of how our clothing brand  creates overwhelming value that drives sales and keeps clients satisfied by  Uniting the world and contributing to the good of human-kind!
  • Our brand message is to 'Unifye them all' and this means we would like to Unite the entire population of 8 billion people. This doesnt cost us a cent but it is a very valuable and positive message to contribute to the world...
  • Use these simple strategic branding tips to boost sales before you even launch your store!

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